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This growing group is run by individuals (all volunteers) who live in Oxfordshire and have an interest in mammals (see our profiles on the Meet the Committee page).    We have varied backgrounds and professions but we each are committed to conservation, education and getting people enthused about wildlife.

If you aren't already a Member we would love you to get involved too.



We have a varied programme of indoor and outdoor events, from talks and displays to field surveys and staking out badger setts. If you have an interest in mammals, there's certain to be something for you here! 


We cover the whole of Oxfordshire - if you have seen any interesting mammals locally, we'd love to know! We're particularly interested in reports of Dormice and Hedgehogs (both are now threatened species). 


For interest ... to learn something new ... or just for fun. You'll never forget the first time you saw a badger emerge from its sett on a still summer evening ... or found a Harvest mouse nest. Try it and see. 

If you have any question, comments or would like to get involved please fill in the relevant form on the Contact Us page. 

Last Update: Wed. 09 Oct. 2019

Winter Lecture Series 2019-2020

Mon 14 Oct - The State of British Mammals by Frazer Coomber

Mon 11 Nov - Cave Elephants of Kenya by Chris Powles

Mon 9 Dec - The return of the Pine Marten by Johnny Birks

Mon 13 Jan - Leopards by Tara Pirie 

Mon 10 Feb - Student Presentations

Mon 09 Mar - BBOWT Water vole Recovery Project by Julia Lofthouse


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