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Record a Sighting

Throughout the country, Mammals have remained greatly under-recorded compared to some other more conspicuous species, like Birds or Butterflies.

So any records that you can submit can make a really useful contribution to our understanding, and ultimately the conservation, of our Mammal fauna.

There are many ways for you to submit your sightings, but we recommend that you use iRecord, which is available both online and as a phone App.

The following link will take you directly to a form where you can input the details of your sighting:

But while you are there, you might want to consider creating your own iRecord Account, by registering your Name and Password. You will then be able to look back at all the records that you submit, as well as seeing what species others have recorded in your area, or elsewhere around the country.

We have also set up a special iRecord "Activity" for Oxfordshire Mammal Group, which makes it easy to investigate all the mammal sightings in Oxfordshire. Once you have your own iRecord account, you will get access to the "Activities" section, and with a few more clicks, you can locate and join the "Oxfordshire Mammal Group" Activity.

Thank you in advance for any records you submit - and have fun exploring iRecord!

Go to our Mammals of Oxfordshire page to see the distribution of mammal records in the region.

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